palm – and  tarot readings with Cara

AHA-moments on demand – answers to your questions!

Have a glimpse into the trends of your life. Learn about the possibilities, you are not aware of. Find valuable answers, to
important questions of yours.

• I offer in person readings/ coaching in Bonn
• phone readings (with photos of your hands)
• readings/ coaching by video chat
• readings on your premises (for corporate clients)

Cara – I am here for you

As Cara, the fortune teller. I offer consultations and coaching, for private & corporate clients, with the beautiful arts of palmistry, tarot card readings and other self exploration practices. I also bring insight, laughter and transformation to corporate, historical and private events.

We live in a constantly changing world, so we sometimes need someone to talk to. Somene who helps us have a look behind our blind spots, and who helps us to ride the tides of change in our life. I am glad to be that person in your life, while we work together. In a reading or a coaching session, I help you to move towards a deeper self-awareness and understanding. With the treasure chest of my experience, filled with over 10,000 individual sessions, I provide a safe space of insight and selfexploration for you. – And yes: I am dedicated to assist you in your personal transformation and growth, so you can find more of your inner strength, clarity, and insight. With me in your corner, your journey of transformation and gaining insight will be a warmer, funnier and faster one, than if you try to walk the path alone ver often…

Within our sessions, I am glad to answer your questions about health, love, business, friendship, family, or any theme that moves your heart and brain. You might also ask about your past, present and future. we will find answers that make you go:
Awwh, why did I not ask you ages ago? – Well, here I am. You can ask me now 🙂

Corporate clients Cara worked with:

What can I see about your life?

„In a palm reading session I can intimately see the way you feel and think. I read a lot about your physical health, energy and the ideals you life by. I see pictures of your past, your family, and your path through life. I see challenges you might need to handle, so can be happier, clearer and stronger in your life. ”

In a first session my main goal is to find hidden strength, talents, potential, and lucky moments, that await you in your life.

Together we explore within that session, which solutions, possibilities and shortcuts you can choose, for your better future.

“Whow, – might be the feeling you have, when I read things in your past, I can not know about. But I do…”

Cara (palm- & tarot readings)

Coaching and Councelling sessions-
for people that want to know more

  • about the trends of your life/ your surroundings
  • about themselves and others close to them
  • what is behind the blind spots of their private or
    professional life, they can not see
  • about how to navigate change and transition

For better solutions, more happy times, faster, easier navigating
through times of change, – and more inner feelings of wellbeing.

Corona = More sessions
by video chat or phone

I am happily there for you as a private or corporate client. If corona makes it a bit difficult to meet in person, we can still have fabulous sessions by phone or video chat. – You will in fact be delighted, how well palm- & tarot readings work long distance.

  • By video chat
  • by phone, with a foto of your left & right inner, and back of the hand.
  • This also works for group readings, where I am happy to explain the
    strengths, weaknesses and NEEDS of every team memper.

One more thing: For a distance reading, please send me one high resolution photo of the inner left and right palm, from wrist to the end of the finger tips. (Please also from the left and right back of the hands.)

Cara – the fortune teller / palm readings / tarot readings / coaching

A unique glimpse into the trends of your life…

Feel new perspectives in your life

Book a reading/ coaching

Clarity about your career/ vocation

your genetically given talents are disclosed in a palmistry session. Outer trends are uncovered with a tarot reading.

A glimpse into your health

Your hands inform you, about the healthwithin your body. I will gladly tell you, about their message for you.

Answers about your love life

I will gladly answer your questions about your love life, and about loved ones, that are important to you.

Other themes/ Event readings

Ask about any other themes, that are on your heart and mind. (Also offered for event readings.)

Counseling & Coaching

Yes… some problems can be solved in a session of counselling the tarot cards. Others take some sessions of coaching. Let us decide which approach serves you better.


I am delighted to bring the beautiful and transforming art of palmistry and tarot card reading, into your life, within fun and inspiring training exercises.

Tarot for your Event

Shine brightly at your event, while you gift your guests the enchanting and mesmerizing experience, to have a palm and tarot reading at your event. With me 🙂

“Uncover angles to reality, that have been hidden from your sight… while you enjoy, how being able to see those angles of reality, brings new understanding to your life… ”

Cara – palmist – tarot reader – fortune teller

Answers to your questions

Counseling 1. by phone
2. by video-chat / 3. in person

Gern können Sie Fragen stellen zu den Themen: Freunde, Familie, Gesundheit, Liebe, Beruf, Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft. Zu sich selbst und anderen Menschen, die Ihnen nahe stehen: zu Familie, Geliebten, Mitarbeitern, Kollegen, Menschen zu denen Sie sich sagen…

“Ich wüsste gern’ was er oder sie über mich denkt oder fühlt.”, bzw. “Was sollte ich über sie oder ihn wissen?”, oder zu diesem Team, bzw. zu diesem Unternehmen?

Per Handlesen und Tarotkartenlegen beantworte ich Ihre Fragen . Sie werden überrascht sein, wie hilfreich die Antworten in Ihrem Leben sein werden.

Tarot counseling – 1. by video/
2. phone chat/ 3. in person

If you have a question about the trends in your life, or are in a position of change contact me. I will gladly answer your questions with the beautiful arts of palm and tarot reading. We will make sure, to give you more clarity and understanding about yourself, your situation and those around you …

This will open an inner space, where you have less blind spots in your life, – and see more possibilities.

That way you can navigate a better path through life for your own self, and those around you. – For a reading just contact me.

Counseling or coaching – what serves you best?

Often we want to know into what direction a trend in our own life moves. Or we would like to ask a question like: What should I know about this or that person? What does he feel about me? Those questions can be answered by quite fast, within one session.

But sometimes we aim for a change within ourself, where we like to install that change in our body, heart and mind over a certain time.

Here we need a coaching, that moves us toward our goal, for a faster, more fun and easier learning experience.
That way we can emerge with “more” of the ability, we worked for within a coaching.

Kontakt / Contact

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