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Lo and behold: Since an awe inspiring number of years, I offer fun, inspiring and fascinating moments for events. – Readings with the beautiful arts of palmistry and tarot.

My vast experience grew by giving thousands of private readings. Performing at parties, corporate and historical events honed my professional skills. So I delight your guests in one of my own fortune telling tents, – or a decorated area in the location of your choice (Decoration by you or me, readings in german and english).

With my theatrical quality costumes, I fit events with Futuristic, Medieval, Fantasy, Arabian, Bollywood, Roman, Carneval of Venice, Renaissance, Halloween and Caribbean themes. – You need a different costume to match the theme of your event? Just contact me. I am sure that we can find a great solution.

So if you want to entertain your guests with the beautiful arts of palm and tarot reading, here I am. I look forward to your booking, with full confidence. Let us “WHOW” your guests. Let us give them insight, inspiration and often the hint they need for transformation. Let us make them chuckle, smile and laugh in amazement: With readings, that help your valued guests to see themselves and their life, from a new perspective that is deeper in alignment with them and their purpose.

At your fair booth, a team event, a corporate function, an event for your employees, influencers, guests, journalists, a fashion show, motivational event… or any place where you want to see your guests entertained in a novel way. – For a booking contact me by whatsapp: Tel. 0049 172 1717735 or Email: cara@handleserin.de

The burning desire to take a glimpse into the trends of our future, is as old as mankind itself. In our time of radical change, this need seems to grow and magnify within us, growing almost exponentially.

Which is a natural result of shocking fast tides of change, that hit our world and life in this Era of time. Understanding this, the factual truth is: In a time like this, it is of vital interest to recognise new trends swiftly, in order to understand and act on them. Fast.

This is likely the reason, why there is such a heightened interest, to have a glimpse into the trends of our life… People have questions. About their career, their loved ones, their life… in terms of private readings… and whenever I work at an event, I am amazed how strong the wish of our fellow humans is, to find answers to their questions. White and blue collar workers, housewifes, artists, scientists and

software engineers, po-liticians, CEOs and philanthropists do it: They have a palm and tarot reading. So why not do yourself and your guests the favour to fulfil their yearning desire? Give them a glimpse into their personal future, new trends and fresh inspiration.

Fortunately, Cara serves your guests with a rich variety of oracles, that uncover the veil in front of the invisible, and give your guests a valuable source of insight.

Among the hundreds of oracles that exist worldwide, the art of palmistry and tarot card reading, is very popular in the western world. Naturally, as since hundreds of years, those oracles have a long track of success. Which is why Cara concentrates on those beautiful arts, since an impressive number of years.

Her long standing professional experience, homed in thousands of individual readings, has given her work something special. – Your guests can feel it in the uniqueness of her readings.

To work with Cara means to hear your guests exclaiming in utter amazement: How does she know so much about my past and present? How does she know about those beautiful moments of my life? How does she know about those learnings in my life, I feel blessed for? Well, she knows. And this is why Cara’s reading are uplifting, fascinating and fun.

This is why her readings are a great way to entertain your guests and to make them aware of their strengths and achievements, while giving them answers about the trends of their lives.

Cara also entertains your guests at your ONLINE-EVENT, at small intimate events with few guests, or during online trade fairs, or festivals during several days.

Cara presents her art to groups, to then offer individual readings in a breakout room or in WhatsApp video chats. Your guests do send her a photo of their palms and have a palm reading. A palm reading gives them insights into their own self. They can also choose to ask a question within a tarot reading or have a combination of both. (Duration of individual online event readings: 5 to 10 min, 15 min vip guests)

Duration of sets at online events: 3 – 7 sets of 40 min each.

Please inform me about the general theme of your event and the general mood of your decoration. With this information I can fit in, with my own decoration/ a tent/ costume, out of my pool of costumes and decoration.

Please have a look at the video to the left, about a room decorated with my treasures.

If your event is taking place in germany, I can also bring along one of my tents, or a bigger decoration like in the video. For international events, I will only bring along some table decoration. (Tent sizes: 3 x 3 m, 4 x 4 m, I also have tents that come with heating for events, that take place outside during the colder season.)

“Entertain and mesmerize your guests with wonderful moments full of enchantment, while they listen to their personal palm and tarot reading. Let them enjoy themselves, while they explore their strengths and uncover their hidden potential for growth. Let them learn more about the fullfillment of the possibilities they yearn for, in an entertaining reading, that moves their hearts and minds towards their own purpose and the greater good.”

Cara – palm reader – tarot reader – psychic entertainer – fortune teller for events

More success for your event

unique entertainment

Cara offers unique entertainment with her tarot and palm readings for your event

wonder & amazement

Cara – readings that amaze, mesmerize and entertain your guests.

palm & tarot readings

that make your guests chuckle with amazement, as they learn about new trends in their life.


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